Tuesday, January 14, 2014

DAY 37

I didn't do much connection today, except with my dentist. I went to work as usual, but had to leave early for a dental appointment and what a dental appointment it was. Oh it was awful. I love my dentist and she's wonderful. She does a great job, so it wasn't her. My dentist had to remove an old amalgam filing from the 1980s. That filing was huge, but it really stood the test of time. It only started to decay recently. But removing a 30 year old filing and replacing it with a new one was not fun. My dentist said that I was very close to needing a crown. Which if you've ever gotten a crown, you know just how expensive they are. And now my mouth still hurts!


  1. The dentist is never fun. At least you didn't need a crown-that's the good news.

  2. Yes, for that I am quite thankful! I'm not sure what the prices are in the UK, but in the states, crowns are exorbitant.


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