Wednesday, January 13, 2016


It took a while, but I finally cut the cord. I no longer have cable television, but am existing on a Mohu antenna, Hulu, Amazon, and Netflix. Admittedly, I miss cable a little bit. The ability to flip to a station and rewind live television was not easy. In the end I think I will watch less television and hopefully be more active (physically and socially). That extra $120 a month will come in handy as well!

Monday, January 11, 2016

DAY 1 - Clearing Out the Mental Clutter

Well, my last 40 days of connection made it to day 25. Here's hoping I can do the full 40 days of connection in 2016! I was 15 days short and didn't finish. In other news I did manage to get my finances in better order this year, which was the point of 40 days of connection. I also managed to come up with a better dieting plan.

So this year's theme will be "being happier" and "living in the moment." I'm also working on the 52 list project and the happiness project. My goals this year are to enjoy the moment that I'm in completely. Sometimes when I'm talking to someone I start going through a checklist in my head on what I have to do while this person is talking. Instead of truly listening and enjoying their conversation I am focused on something else completely trivial. Sometimes if I'm in the middle of an activity I closely look at the clock to see how much longer I have. I want to get on to the next thing. No more of that. I want to live in the moment of their conversation, live in the moment of whatever I'm doing with my family, friends, or whomever I'm speaking with.

One of the suggestions in Gretchen Rubin's book is to remove the mental clutter, both figuratively and literally. Get rid of the old appliances and the clutter that takes up space in your home. Some of these items make you feel guilty. I just opened up a kitchen cabinet that had an unused Pampered Chef cookie press. I have no idea why I purchased a cookie press. I rarely bake and when I do I don't care what the cookies look like. Perhaps when I get older and have more time I will make gourmet cookies with a cookie press, but I simply do not have the storage space to keep things that I won't use for 10 or 15 years...if at all.

So in that same vein, I gave away (I don't see the point of selling this stuff), a toaster oven, an old treadmill I never use, a cookie press, and a George Foreman grill. Whew. I feel better already.

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