Friday, December 27, 2013

DAY 19 - Christmas Slump

The wrapping paper needs cleaning up and the decorations need taking down. I must have caught a Christmas cold because now my husband and I are both sick. Thank goodness our little one didn't catch this, but I think she carried it home. I just realized that I broke the rules the other day because I sent Christmas texts to most of my family and friends and received quite a few replies. One of my friends sent me a nice Facebook message telling me that she received my Christmas card.

One of my friends called me and we had a lovely conversation. She wanted to go to the movies. The film was quite a dramatic film, a little too dramatic for my current cheerful mood. I was sad not to spend time with her, but we are making plans for the near future.

In other news, one of the cats is spraying the house. He's been fixed and medically checked out. The only thing we can figure is that it's psychological. I bought this stuff called Feliway for Cats. It supposedly has some sort of feline pheromones in it that make cats feel safe. We'll see. Even my wood floors have not been safe. 

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