Sunday, March 8, 2015

Day 22 - Eh I Skipped a Few Days

Wow, I have literally skipped a week, which means I broke one of my rules by not blogging about my day. Today I went all stop all day. I had a doctor's appointment last Friday, which went well. I had actually lost some weight! Yay. All of these arduous days at the gym are finally paying off and becoming a habit. Who knew? That said, I was invited to a friend's church, who then invited me to lunch, and then I was invited to dinner with other friends. I was gone all day and all I did was eat and drop money.

I wonder why fellowship is always about food. I would love to hang out with people without having to break my diet or spend money. I'm getting back on track tomorrow. Back to the gym and back on my diet (otherwise known as "lifestyle change"). 

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